America is the greatest state

America is the greatest state

America is the greatest state..
But America is the people who live and work. We are all America together, working America to be a great country. We are strong because we are together. We must not allow ourselves to be disunited, because the division will make us weak and the others are waiting.

We will work to be the best in everything and in all spheres. Only in this way will we preserve the honor and the reputation of our homeland. We must work for a stronger economy and more jobs.

For more decent income and justice.
America is not just a dream come true, and it is also the responsibility and duty of each and every one of us.

America is also a personal example of all the democratic countries of the world. We are the world’s leaders and as such we have to hold our head high, proud and honorable, we must pronounce the words “I am an American”.

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