BREAKING: “LYIN’ SHIFTY SCHIFF” Trump Tweets Video Comparing Schiff to Pinocchio

Friday afternoon, President Trump tweeted a video comparing Adam Schiff to Pinocchio.

Trump added “LYIN’ SHIFTY SCHIFF.”


Wapo fact checker Glenn Kessler gave House Intel Chair Adam Schiff 4 Pinocchios for his claims that he had not spoken directly to the whistleblower.

In addition, Kessler says Schiff intentionally tried to mislead the American public during an appearance on MSNBC.

GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy has announced he has signed a resolution to censure House Intel Chair Adam Schiff.

McCarthy made the announcement via a tweet.

Chairman Adam Schiff has been lying to the American people for years. Now he is so desperate to damage the president that he literally made up a false version of a phone call.

Enough is enough. I have signed a resolution to censure Schiff in the House of Representatives.

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By Kambree Nelson

Source: theconservativeopinion

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