de Blasio Blasted for Campaigning for President During NY Power Outages

de Blasio Blasted for Campaigning for President During NY Power Outages

As sweeping power outages rocked New York City on Sunday, citizens were left without Mayor Bill de Blasio, who is currently campaigning to become the Democrat candidate chosen to oppose President Trump in the upcoming election.

Fox News host Todd Starnes took to social media to point this fact out, drawing responses from New Yorkers of all beliefs and backgrounds.



The lights are out in NYC and our mayor is in Iowa campaigning to be president.

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For his part, Mayor de Blasio made mention of the outages from the campaign trail, announcing that terrorism was not involved.


Believe or Not
It’s probably better to Blasio isn’t there

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Adam Smith LL.D.@TheLoyalTen

Lol. Communism. It works for the few.

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alan carp@obadildock

Even if he was here,He would do nothing!! He is one of the worst mayors we’v ever had!

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About as worthless as @GavinNewsom who goes to El Salvador as the homeless are dying and disease is breaking out across Los Angeles.

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Megan Barth@ReaganBabe

Do you really want him back?

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Things get fixed faster when he’s not around

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