Fantastic results for just a week – stretch the wrinkles with Ivana Trump’s home-made miracle cream

Fantastic results for just a week - stretch the wrinkles with Ivana Trump's home-made miracle cream

Former wife of Donald Trump – Ivana Trump, can afford the most expensive creams of the world
She can keep her beauty with plastic surgery and expensive procedures. And maybe it is. But there is a means that the former Czechoslovak skiers have been using since the time they were not the wife of a US mogul but a Czech skier.

This is a recipe for the most common home-made face cream that Ivana Trump knows from her mother, and she probably knows it from her mother’s mother.

The recipe is easy, the ingredients are affordable and can be bought without any problem from any store or pharmacy.

Ivana Trump has not stopped using this ointment since she was a model and bought her first costume for Christian Lacroix.

Face wrinkles are the result of a slow and steady aging process. And the most beautiful person turns into something not very pleasant to look at and boring because of the aging process.

It is very difficult to fight the wrinkles and have that soft and smooth skin that we had before. Nowadays, many women suffer from the initial symptoms of aging due to stress, lifestyle changes, poor eating habits and air pollution.

Face wrinkles are the result of a slow and steady aging process. And the youngest face turns into something boring and not very pleasant to watch because of the aging process.

There are a number of available creams that are said to release our skin from wrinkles. But the most expensive ointments often fail to treat skin imperfections and provide us with the desired results. So if cosmetic creams do not work well for you, then it’s time to get rid of wrinkles naturally.

It’s exciting that you can actually make your own cream to wipe the wrinkles. The preparation of the cream, which is also used by Ivana Trump, is quite simple and the effects are amazing!

Home-made ointment will keep your skin hydrated and level the complexion. It will also reduce the visibility of wrinkles and delay the aging process. It is safe to use and has no side effects.

Here’s what you need to get:

Olive or almond oil – 1 tablespoon
1 yolk
Honey – 1 teaspoon
Vaseline, clean, from the pharmacy – 2 tablespoons
How is it done?

Take 2 tablespoons of pharmaceutical Vaseline and heat it in the microwave oven for 20 seconds.
Add 1 teaspoon of honey, 1 yolk and 1 tablespoon of olive oil in the melted petroleum jelly.
Mix it well to obtain a homogeneous mass.
Pour the cream into a face cream box to store it and be more comfortable to use.
Burn your fingers and start making a facial massage.
Let it work for 30 minutes and then remove the excess cream from your face with a cotton swab moistened with water.
Use this cream daily to get better results.
Tips for even greater benefits from Ivana Trump’s cream

Consider the following tips to get better results after applying the cream:

It takes more than 1 hour to get absorbed into the skin. Therefore, it is best to apply the cream for at least 2 hours before going to bed.

Keep the face cream in the refrigerator so you can use it for a longer time.

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