Mohamed Jawad Zarif said a “short war” with Iran was an illusion.

Mohamed Jawad Zarif said a "short war" with Iran was an illusion.

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohamed Jaujad Zarif announced that a “brief war” with Iran is an illusion.

He also noted that US President Donald Trump’s threats to “erase” Iran are tantamount to “genocide” threats.
ZARIF’s comments were made after Trump threatened Tehran a few days ago with “wiping out” after Iranian President Hassan Rohanne announced that the White House is “mentally retarded.” Trump replied, saying the Iranian authorities “are not smart”, noting that Washington does not want a war with Iran. However, Trump stressed that if a military conflict broke out, it would not last long.

Earlier this month, Trump said he ordered air strikes in Iran after his forces dropped an American spy plane, which, according to the US authorities, flew into the international airspace, while Tehran said Tehran had entered the Iranian airspace. But, according to the US head of state, he canceled last-minute strikes, instead imposing more sanctions against the Islamic Republic.

Relations between the United States and Iran have gradually worsened since Trump unilaterally withdrew his country from a nuclear deal with Iran last spring. Since then, Washington has targeted almost all major economic sectors in Iran.

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