MSNBC Host says Trump Supporters Must Be “Confronted and Destroyed”

MSNBC Host says Trump Supporters Must Be “Confronted and Destroyed”
During a recent segment of his MSNBC program “All In,” host Chris Hayes disparaged President Trump and his supporters over recent remarks about controversial Democrat lawmaker Ilhan Omar.

In response to a Trump rally, in which attendees shouted “Send her back!” in reference to Omar’s frequent condemnation of American culture, Hayes was unable to control his emotion, and broadly labeled Trump’s supporters as bigots.

Suggesting that Trump supporters “get to revel in their own Americanness and primacy at the expense of others,” during rallies, Hayes went on to suggest that such patriotism “must be peacefully, nonviolently, politically destroyed.”

Hayes continued to demand that Trump’s “America First” agenda, and those who support it, be “utterly confronted and destroyed.”

“The heart of the thing must be ripped out,” added Hayes, “The darkness must be banished.”


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