Paula White: The demonic networks are ready to overthrow President Donald Trump

Paula White: The demonic networks are ready to overthrow President Donald Trump

Paula White, in Florida, explained that “demonic networks” are ready to shoot down, President Donald Trump reports Business Insider.
“Let any demonic network that sticks to the goal against President Trump’s call to be destroyed, let it be destroyed in the name of Jesus,” explains White to the supporters at the Orlando stadium, who took hold of hands to pray for the president.

“I say that President Trump will overcome every strategy of hell and every strategy of the enemy, any strategy, and he will fulfill his calling and his destiny,” she added.
“Let the secret council of viciousness and malice turn into insanity right now in the name of Jesus,” White continues.

“I secure his vocation, secure his purpose, secure his family, and we provide victory in the name that is above every name … the name of Jesus Christ,” adds Trump’s spiritual counselor.

Paula White has known Trump since the turn of the century and blessed him when he took office as president in 2017.
At the end of March, she told the Guardian that she would serve Trump, and her relationship with the president was the result of direct “appointment” by God.

In an interview with the Christian Broadcasting Network in September, she defends the president’s policy of sporadic separation of children from parents by comparing politics with the migration of Jesus through Egypt and declaring that if Jesus had broken the law then he would be wrong and will not have was our Messiah. ”

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