Trump looks out the window. Everyone should read this

Trump looks out the window. Everyone should read this

Donald Trump looks out the window and sees the people who do not have a job. He sees those who suffer from crime. He sees those who struggle for their survival.

See also those who play in the park and others who rest on the bench. A strange thing is life, says Donald Trump, I kept the silver and kept the human in me. But others who want power and money, money-lovers see nothing but money, and there is a scary.

Strange thing is life – you look through the window and you see the whole world with everything terrible and everything wonderful in it, but it is enough to add some silver to the glass and it turns into a mirror and no longer see anyone and nothing but you see yourself.

I had enough silver after I came to power, and that is why I am dealing with people precisely because of this I see the whole world, not just myself.

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