VIDEO: Trump Supporters Line Up for Dallas Rally More than 24 Hours Early

Right Side Broadcasting network shared a video of Trump supporters lined up over 24 hours before President Trump’s speech.

More than 24 hours before the 

 rally in Dallas, TX and people are lined up down the block!

They’re excited to see President @realDonaldTrump who is scheduled to speak at 7pm tomorrow!


President Trump shared the video and added:

“THANK YOU you Dallas, Texas. See you tomorrow night at the American Airlines Center!”

CR HIATT responded, adding “Doesn’t look like Americans are tiring of this President, no matter how many coups are plotted against him.”

Jodi responded:

Cuz he tells it like it is. MAGA!
Trump/Pence 2020!!#!#:!
And God bless & watch over them & their families. 🙂

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By CK Heltzel

Source: theconservativeopinion

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