VIDEO: Massive Crowd Awaits President Trump in Dallas, Texas

Videos tweeted by RSBN show a massive crowd awaiting President Trump in Dallas, Texas

Terri Hammack writes “20k , but they’re estimating there’s at least twice that waiting in line! The lines go as far as the eye can see!#TexansLoveTrump”

Mike wrote “

I wished I could attend…

Trump must win 2020…

Keep America Great!!”

Conservative icon Rush Limbaugh commented on the crowd:

RUSH: I have a photo I want to show you, those of you watching the Dittocam. Trump has a rally in Dallas, and this is a picture not long ago. The rally is tonight. This picture was just moments ago. This is the crowd getting ready to go into the arena in Dallas. They are lined up already.

There’s even a little more. I cropped the picture on the right side. There’s a few stragglers even on the right that you can’t see. I cropped it so that it would be a little bit larger on the Dittocam frame. But they’re lining up in Dallas already. They’ve been lining up since yesterday, actually.

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